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We use facilities available in the Department of Physics Lab,CUET

Instruments at CUET‘s Physics LAB (name and brief description)

analytic balance

Analytical Balance

Range: 10mg -220g

Desk-top Planetary Ball Mill

Desk-top Planetary Ball Mill

Model: SFM-1
Four 320ml Nylon Jars

Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuge Machine

Model: Hettich EBA-21

  • Maximum RPM: 6000
  • Total Tube: 12
  • Maximum Capacity: 12 x 35g
High Precision Multimeter

High Precision Multimeter

Model: Wayne Kerr DMM 357

  • DC Voltage Range: 100 mV – 1000 V
  • DC Current Range: 10 mA – 3 A
  • Diode Test: 1 V
  • Resistance Range: 100 Ω – 100 MΩ
  • AC Voltage Range: 100 mV – 750 V
  • AC Current Range: 1 A – 3 A
  • Frequency Range:3Hz – 300KHz



Maximum Temperature: 1200°C



Model: Nabertherm B 180

Maximum Temperature: 1200°C

Hotplate Stirrer

Hotplate Stirrer

Model: STUART CB302

  • Maximum Plate Temperature: 450°C
  • Stirrer Speed: 100-1500 rpm
Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press

Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press

Model: YLJ-15

  • Maximum Pressure: 15 Tons / 400 Bar / 5800 Psi
Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press

Compact Hydraulic Pellet Press

Model: KBR Press

  • Maximum Pressure: 15 Tons
Precision Impedance Analyzer

Precision Impedance Analyzer

Model: 6520 A

  • Measurement parameters: Capacitance (C), Inductance (L), Resistance (R), Reactance (X), Conductance (G), Susceptance (B), Dissipation Factor (D), Quality Factor (Q), Impedance (Z), Admittance (Y), Phase Angle (Ø).
  • Frequency range: 1 kHz to 15 MHz (Accuracy ±0.005%)
  • AC drive level: 10 mV to 1V rms; 200 µA to 20 mA rms2
  • Signal source impedance: 50 Ω nominal
  • DC bias: 100 mA of DC bias current, 40 V of DC bias voltage
Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

Model: UNIPOL-820

  • Heavy duty fiberglass case with anti corrosion painting surface
  • Variable speed: 0 - 600 RPM with digital display for each plate
  • Two 8" Aluminum lapping plates can be quickly released and installed.
  • Soft rubber slash cover for safe operation
  • Dimension: 580 L x 420 W X 350 H (mm) 


Model: 6505 UV/Vis

  • Wavelength range: 320 to 1100nm (Visible 6500) 190 to 1100nm (UV/Visible 6505)
  • Transmittance range:0 to 199.9%T
  • Absorbance range: -0.300 to 3.000A
  • Concentration range: -300 to 9999
  • Lamp Changeover Wavelength: 320 to 390nm (UV version)
Vacuum Spin Coater

Vacuum Spin Coater

Model: VTC-100

  • RPM : 100- 8000
  • Vacuum Chuck size available: 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch.
Utrasonic Cleaner

Utrasonic Cleanerr

Model: UC-02

  • Minimum heater temperature: 50°C
  • High-frequency 40 kHz sound waves provide greater cleaning power and increased reliability.

Moreover, the following equipments will be procured very soon in the Department of Physics Lab, CUET:

Sl No Name Specification
1 Xray Diffractometer (XRD) Theta/2Theta Bench Top XRD with Matrix Solid State Detector
2 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) Material, Accessories & Attachment ---
3 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) Model : Microsense LLC, EV9+VAR or similar
4 Simultaneous TGADTA/DSC, CP Measuring Equipment Model: Labsys EVO or similarMake: Setaram or similar
5 Electrically Heated High Temperature Furnace Model: LHT 08/16, with controller P 310 or similar
6 ACID DIGESTION VESSEL (LARGE CAPACITY) Maximum working pressure 1600 psi.
7 ACID DIGESTION VESSEL (SMALL CAPACITY) Maximum working pressure 1600 psi
9 Ultrasonic Probe Dispersion System (Ultrasonic Homogenizer) with digital display diameter range 3 mm to 25 mm range of 5 ml to 1000 m
10 High Speed Bench Top Centrifuge with digital display with accessories
11 Laboratory Fume Hood with Blower for HCL, NaOH, KOH, Acetone, Methanol, Ethanol, acetic acid, salts of metals etc
12 Drying Oven digital display precise controll temp. up to 300C or higher.
13 Ultrapure Water Purification System RO purified and Type I water compact benchtop.