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** Congratulation! Nusrat Jahan for awarded PhD degree on 22/12/2021. ** Congratulation! Dr. Mukter for publishing article in prestigious journal ACS Omega (ACS, Q-1, IF-3.512). ** Congratulation! Nusrat Jahan for achieving best poster award in BPSNC-2021 held on 6-7 August 2021 (Online platform). ** Congratulation! Nusrat Jahan, her 2nd PhD paper has been Accepted to Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (Springer, IF-2.220). * M M Uddin and M M Hossain delivered Keynote speech and Oral presentation in ICSTB-2021 held on March 11-13, 2021 at BCSIR on Celebrating the Birth Centenary of Bangabandhu, respectively. Congratulation!!! ** Congratulations! Dr. Ashraf & Dr. Mukter, our papers have been accepted in Journal of Phase Transition and Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, respectively.

Our main research interests in the field of materials science like nanocrystalline ferrites, nanocrystalline alloys. Nano ferrites synthesis and its structural, morphological, electrical and magnetic properties are extensively studied.

We study III-V quantum well FET (QWFET) with particular emphasis on design and performance of high-speed with low power QWFET. Currently, we engage to simulate high performance QWFET with InSb channel materials.

In recent years, our research has focused on the study of MAX phases. The MAX phases have become an important sub-branch in materials science and technology due to their interesting properties and various studies since their discovery during 1960s. We have collaboration with home and abroad group on MAX phases materials studied by density functional theory (DFT). We welcome prospective students (M.Sc./M.Phil./PhD) to our group.

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